Brent Smith x Creative Good x Dry July

Brent Smith x Creative Good x Dry July

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In July i teamed up with Creative Good to produce a tee print to coincide with Dry July.

The aim of Creative Good is to produce limited edition tees with artists and to have all of the profits go to charity.

The whole concept of Creative Good is truly amazing and selfless and i was honoured to be asked to be a part of their Dry July inspired tees.

These tees will save lives!

I had fun with the print and its a tee you can definitely wear knowing your money is going to a good cause and that you’re looking good doing it.

Please head over to the Creative Good page and give them your support.

brent-smith-creative-good-dry-july brent-smith-creative-good-dry-july-photos brent-smith-Dry-July-front-tee-design brent-smith-Dry-July-back-tee-design brent-smith-Dry-July-white-tee-f brent-smith-Dry-July-white-tee-front brent-smith-Dry-July-black-tee-front brent-smith-Dry-July-black-tee-back Brent-smith-Dry-July-TOTE-black