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Another logo contest i entered this year hosted by Stab mag to win two Panda Surfboards.

I didn’t win (not even close) but i was still happy with my illustration.

Heres the brief:

Based off the idea that most (if not all) surfboards are referenced as being of the female gender ‘her, she, girl, lady’, Stab and PANDA Surfboards want you to design this new board logo around the idea of high-class women. Now, we know who we’re speaking to here (all you awkward, Kleenex-toting, pimpley-faced groms), but these women should NOT in any way be portrayed as being of a ‘cheap’ nature. That is, we want these girls portrayed as well-to-do, high-class, premium and with sex appeal. Whether they be strippers, call girls, escorts or pole dancers is totally your interpretation. Go for gold! And that’s exactly the key word here: gold… or silver or bronze – because PANDA Surfboards are loving the tones of black and white, white on black and always, metallics. These bitches need to be bumpin’.

Ps sorry if you suffer from epilepsy.